Why Go To The Anaheim / Disneyland Area

Many vacationers come to Anaheim for Disneyland. A plaque at the entrance of the park reads: "Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy," and for more than 50 years, this complex of amusement parks and hotels has remained a fun fantasy world. Even if you've been to other Disney resorts, nothing beats the original's unique place as a vintage landmark in the heart of Southern California. This vibrant park is still a great place for families – in fact, your kids will most likely have so much fun with Mickey and friends that they'll never want to leave. And with plenty of thrilling rides and a bustling entertainment district, you might not want to leave either. 

But Disneyland isn't the only thing luring visitors to this Southern California city. There are other (more affordable) theme parks like Knott's Berry Farm and Adventure City, the picturesque Yorba Regional Park and even an "angelic" baseball stadium. When you need a break from the crowds, simply hop in your car and drive west to the coast: the shorelines of Long Beach, Laguna Beach and Huntington Beach are all within about 25 miles of Anaheim.


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Anaheim is ranked as:

  • #2 in Best Winter Family Vacations

  • #5 in Best Family Summer Vacations

  • #7 in Best Places to Visit in California

  • #8 in Best Family Spring Break Destinations

  • #8 in Best Family Vacations in the USA


Best Things To Do In Anaheim


The main attractions here are obviously the rides and amusements of Disneyland. But the city of Anaheim also offers a hoard of other worthwhile ventures too. Knott's Berry Farm and Adventure City are traveler-approved amusement parks that are especially appealing to younger kids. And during baseball season, a game at the Angel Stadium of Anaheim should be a high priority. Plus, the beaches of Laguna, Oceanside and even San Diego are less than 100 miles away.  

Anaheim Area Travel Tips

  • Prepare for a crowd surge - Disneyland draws visitors from far and wide, so you can expect to do a little bit of waiting. Avoid long lines by getting to the park earlier in the morning or buying tickets in advance.

  • Don't lose the kids - While Disneyland is overall a very safe and family-friendly environment, heavy crowds can make it hard to stay together. Give each child an identity tag with his or her name and your cellphone number on it. It's also wise to designate a meeting spot, just in case someone gets lost. For more safety tips, visit the Disney website.

  • Anaheim is hot - This city is known for its bright and sunny weather, but that can take its toll if you're spending the entire day outside at Disneyland or at the Angel Stadium of Anaheim. Wear a hat and sunscreen, and drink plenty of water.

  • Visit in the offseason - It can be tempting to plan your trip in the summer when school is out, but if you do, you'll contend with high prices and temperatures, not to mention stifling crowds. Visiting during off-peak months like December (before the winter holidays), January, March or October will yield lower prices and fewer crowds.

*SOURCE: Information From This Page Can Be Found at U.S. News & World Report