Frequently Asked Questions

What does do with my information?   We do not sell or share your information.


Are my transactions secured?  Absolutely 100% - We would not be Heros if they weren't!

Can I cancel My Reservation?   Some reservations are refundable and some are not, it all depends on the property and contract for the rate you are booking. We have to pass along and abide by the hotels reservations terms and conditions.  All terms and conditions are explained prior to booking so please be sure to read them carefully before confirming.

Why can’t I book air fare on   We do not offer airfare simply because airlines don’t share. Many people are unaware that most travel agencies don’t make any money whatsoever when booking airfare but there is an expense to provide the service. Instead of increasing the price of our accommodations to make up for the losses on airfare, we decided to avoid it all together and keep our prices low.

How do I reach someone if I have a problem before or after my trip?   We provide 24 hour customer service for all confirmed reservations 1-888-893-0581 (This number will be listed on your confirmation). Should you encounter any problems with your check-in please contact us at 1-888-893-0581 right away. Please be aware, we do not provide concierge service for general inquiries about the destination, hotel, weather, seasonal information or what to wear. We do not operate as a full service travel agency in order to keep our cost low, but Google is an incredible source of knowledge and we do provide a Destination Guide tab where you can find a wealth of useful information and this section is expanding all the time.

Does have a price match guarantee?  No, We provide great pricing at the time of your reservation.


Should I book my hotel well in advance or wait until the last minute? This is always a loaded question! Hotel pricing is very much like the stock market; it fluctuates up and down as many as a hundred times per day depending on supply and demand. Most of the time we say book early and not take the risk. However if your flexible and can afford to take a price increase if inventory goes down you can save a few bucks. However be very aware that many times in highly sought destinations, hotels and seasons, the hotels book up very fast at the last minute because you’re not the only one thinking about that strategy. Another scenario that most people outside of the travel industry aren’t aware of is the small city factor. If you’re traveling to a city like Orlando that has tens of thousands of hotel rooms you’ll have a pretty good chance of getting a room during most seasons but if you’re traveling to a small town you may not be so lucky. Many small towns in the country may have a limited number quality hotels which means limited availability before the first room is booked. Even in off the wall cities and towns, it’s still all about supply and demand. We’ve seen them sell out fast without any logical reason. So long story short, the choice is yours but be aware of the risk and rewards in the strategy you choose.