Why Go To Key West

Known for warm beaches and eccentric residents with a live–in–the–moment philosophy, Key West offers a relaxed yet unexpected seaside adventure. Do as the residents (known as Conchs) do and see where that free spirit might take you. Perhaps you'll end up at a Duval Street bar, in a Mallory Square shop or even touring Ernest Hemingway's old home.


Key West once threatened to go rogue (in 1982 with a mock secessionist movement to create "The Conch Republic"); so this is definitely the place to throw a firm itinerary out the window. Take a stroll, sip a margarita, spy a six–toed cat and set your own pace. While Hurricane Irma did impact the area in late 2017, Key West is definitely back in business, with almost all tourism sites ready for visitors.


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Key West is ranked as:

  • #5 in Best Cheap Spring Break Destinations

  • #5 in Best Florida Beaches

  • #5 in Best Places to Visit in Florida

  • #8 in Best Nightlife Scenes in the USA

  • #12 in Best Beaches in the USA

  • #28 in Best Places to Visit in the USA


Best Things To Do In Key West


Like other vacation locales in Florida, Key West offers plenty of ways to enjoy its coastal seat, including sailing, snorkeling and kayaking tours and several clean beaches. But beyond its outdoor pursuits, Key West also lays claim to some interesting artifacts. Once the choice vacation getaway for Ernest Hemingway, Tennessee Williams and President Harry S. Truman, the island is home to more than a few historical treasures. Museums are scattered throughout, but the most activity is concentrated on the island's western half. Duval Street is a particularly lively area for souvenir shoppers, budget dining and nightlife.

Key West Travel Tips

  • When you are a mile high - You might experience symptoms such as a headache, nausea and difficulty sleeping when you first arrive. Although the chance of getting altitude sickness is low (only 8 to 10 percent of visitors experience altitude sickness in Denver), take it easy on your first day and save a jaunt to the mountain till the end of your trip.

  • When you are lost, look to the Rockies - The mountains sit to the west of the city and can work like a compass to help you reorient yourself.

  • When you see smoke - Colorado has legalized the sale of recreational marijuana. You are allowed to smoke pot on private property as long as you are 21, but don't try to bring it home if you live outside the state.

  • Rent skis here - If you do plan on tackling the Rocky Mountain slopes, you'll find better deals on ski rentals in central Denver than you will at the resorts.

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