Why Go To Los Angeles

Los Angeles both confirms and dismantles all of its stereotypes. Sure, it's a sprawling metropolis with eternally congested freeways, but it also contains one of the most diverse and unique sets of neighborhoods in the United States. La-La Land is filled to the brim with the glamour of chic Hollywood name brands and movie set backdrops, yet it's also home to renowned art galleries like the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and architectural masterpieces like the Getty Center. The world's visual entertainment empire, LA offers tourists behind-the-scenes looks into the world of filmmaking and television broadcasting at studios like Paramount Pictures Studios and Warner Bros. Studio. What's more, the City of Angels features some of the country's most eclectic cuisine and dozens of highly acclaimed restaurants. Away from the revitalized downtown area, the Malibu and Santa Monica beaches provide sun, sand and surfing, while Venice Beach offers close-ups of the city's most unique residents.

At more than 500 square miles, Los Angeles is massive and touring it can be exhausting – but that doesn't deter visitors. The area is one of the most visited in the country, especially between June and October when thousands of travelers try to get to as many of the spread-out attractions as they can. But the key to a successful L.A. vacation is simple: Plan ahead. Pick a few areas that best suit your interests and needs, or take a guided tour if you need a little more assistance. Then all that's left to do is explore, explore, explore.


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Los Angeles is ranked as:

  • #5 in Best Nightlife Scenes in the USA

  • #5 in Best Foodie Cities in the USA

  • #8 in Best Places to Visit in California


Best Things To Do In Los Angeles


Los Angeles has an exhaustive array of things to do. If you're a film buff, vintage Hollywood is a must-see. Some classic attractions in the area include TCL Chinese Theatre and the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and Paramount Pictures Studios, the only television and film studio left in Hollywood. For a taste of stardom, window-shop along Rodeo Drive or cruise Sunset Boulevard. There are also a plethora of shorelines to choose from, including Venice Beach, Zuma Beach and the Santa Monica Pier and Beach. And after exploring all LA has to offer, consider taking a daytrip south to Anaheim-Disneyland.

Los Angeles Travel Tips

  • A car is essential - Although LA has public transportation, you'll find that getting around this massive city is much easier with your own set of wheels.

  • Planning is a must - Because of its size, it's practically impossible to wing your tour of LA. Many of the top attractions are spread out, so schedule your time accordingly. Taking a guided tour is another great way to maximize your time.

  • Avoid LA in the summer - Warm weather and stifling smog are trademarks of a Los Angeles summer. Beat the heat by visiting in the spring or fall.

  • Rodeo Drive is for browsing - If you're looking to indulge in LA's fabulous shopping scene, you'll find a plethora of more affordable boutiques lining the streets of nearby West Hollywood.

  • Don't pass on the freebies - Some of Los Angeles' most notable attractions – Universal Studios Hollywood, for example – can put a major dent in your bank account. Instead, pay a visit to favorites like Griffith Observatory, where price isn't a concern.

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